Doing Your Dissertation with Microsoft Word

Doing Your Dissertation with Microsoft Word

This book contains over 500 pages of help (crammed with close on 1000 illustrative images in 19 different chapters) on everything you need to know to create thesis formatting in Microsoft Word you can be proud of! (Unfortunately, the content remains your responsibility!) The book will also be of use to any person needing to create large documents in Microsoft Word, and is thus not limited to the academic context. Topics include: -Learning to work faster in the Word environment -Correct use of fonts and special characters -Automated text input -Working with templates -Using styles for automated and consistent formatting -Proper page setup -Heading numbering -Table/figure numbering -Footnotes and endnotes -Indexes -Automated tables of content -Search and replace -Document navigation -Managing large and/or multiple documents -Citations and References -Using Word's reviewing tools -Tables -Charts -Equations -Drawings and picture editing in Word -Printing your dissertation Learn how to: -Apply different page numbering styles for different parts of the document -Break between pages at the right places -Automatically apply consistent heading numbering -Format your text consistently and professionally -Create consistent formatting across multiple documents -Create neat and consistently formatted tables and charts -Number tables, figures, etc. automatically -Create cross references to tables and figures that keep track of the numbering of tables or figures -Handle your reference citations automatically, including the creation of a reference list or Bibliography -Create a table of contents automatically -Automatically add often-repeated text elements -Automatically format text elements (e.g. headings) -Manage your foot- and endnotes properly -Find your working place in the large document with the maximum speed and ease -Create an index -Combine multiple documents into one document -And much, much more! Accompanying sample files and tools (Microsoft Word AddIn) can be downloaded from the author's website. From the book cover: Time is one of our most precious commodities-especially to a student completing a Master's or PhD and having to type their own thesis or dissertation, as most 21st century students now do. What would you do with an extra month to work on your dissertation? If you had to assign a financial value to a month, what would that be? That is the bold claim of this book-that typical students with a standard knowledge of Microsoft Word completing a full PhD dissertation who know and use the information provided in this book might be able to submit their dissertation approximately a month earlier (or have an extra month's worth of time to focus on their research work). This claim is made on the basis of the author's extensive experience in assisting students with problems encountered in the typing of their dissertations and teaching these principles to postgraduate students in a focused Microsoft Word training course. But it gets better. The techniques presented in this book do not save time by taking shortcuts that impinge on the quality of the final product. In fact, the focus of these techniques is how to improve the quality of the submitted dissertation by avoiding the mistakes students commonly make as a result of their lack of knowledge about the features offered by Microsoft Word. In other words, better quality work is obtained by employing techniques that simultaneously allow students to work faster. So what will you do with your month?

Publisher True Insight Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 9780868868141
Pages 512 pages
Rating 4/5 (40 users)

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