Wizards Last Rule

Wizards Last Rule

Wizard’s Last Rule is a magical story of fiction with mystic and supernatural characters about. Goblins, leprechauns, fairies, wizards, and witches dwell in the Elderwood Forest—a most magical forest. Well, that is, until the evil witch Lena is banished from the forest by the great wizard Galvin to keep peace. In a desperate attempt to rule, Witch Lena attempts to steal the great wizard’s spell book. The adventure begins when the she-banshee commanded by Witch Lena encounters leprechaun Mac Flin when she was trying to steal the wizard’s book. When the book instead is ripped in half, the she-banshee goes back to the evil witch to report, while the leprechaun seeks the help of his elf and fairy friends. What would become of this magical adventure? Join Trell, Mac Flin, Onton, and others in Wizard’s Last Rule to discover how friendship triumphs over evil.

Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Release Date
ISBN 1640821538
Pages 72 pages
Rating 4/5 (38 users)

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