The Women in Storage Club

The Women in Storage Club

"The Women in Storage Club is a celebration of every woman and a call for an awakening into our true selves. Bring your heart and soul into this book and you will be transformed." Mimi Guarneri MD FACC, Author; The Heart Speaks: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret of Healing Medical Director Scripps Integrative Clinic "I can't say enough about the timeless wisdom, Neuroimaginal tools, spiritual exercises and practices found within the pages of this stunningly beautiful book." Linda Star Wolf, PhD, author of Visionary Shamanism, Shamanic Breathwork: Journey Beyond the Self; Shamanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt; Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. "Buy one for you and all the women you love " Karen Ely, LCSW author, Daring to Dream and international retreat leader Find out who you are today. Let go of who you were yesterday. The book is a map for the journey of self-discovery. Life events occur that wake you up. If you pay attention, you can move out of the fog of security and into a life of your dreams. These are stories of contentment, upheaval and liberation and how to move through your ever changing life gracefully and happily. As a caterpillar goes through its metamorphosis transforming into a butterfly, so we all go through stages of change. We seldom plan for change, we fear it and hold tightly to who we think we are. Resistance to change is normal. Calling, Crisis, Clearing and Clarity are the four stages illuminated in the book. Through stories and exercises you will learn how to see your life as a gift and to live fully. Nita is a psychotherapist, teacher and retreat facilitator. She co-created with Lee Lipsenthal MD, the Healer Within retreats and the Neuroimaginal Institute along with Shannon Simonelli, PhD. She is a mother and grandmother, as well as a successful leader in her field. Nita radically transformed her life after a crisis catapulted her out of her comfort zone. She has been helping women make similar changes through her work nationally and internationally. She helps women from all walks of life find their inner voice and make changes that bring joy and peace to their lives."

Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1457508478
Pages 292 pages
Rating 4/5 (79 users)

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