Stop Effing Yourself

Stop Effing Yourself

*eff (ef') n. An act of self-sabotage.--v. To sabotage one's own efforts. *eff•ed. *eff•ing (ef'ing) v.i. To be in the act of self-sabotage.-adj. Of or pertaining to an act of self-sabotage. *eff•er (ef'r) n. A person who repeatedly engages in self- sabotage. To *eff is human. In fact, we all get in our own way from time to time, but for many people, these perpetual acts of self-sabotage prevent them from living to their fullest potential and leave them unhappy at work and in love, unable to save enough, or unable to make changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. As neurologist Sean Kenniff explains, self-sabotagers perpetually fall victim to their internal enemy. Kenniff knows about outsmarting enemies: As one of the original cast members on the first season of the hit show, Survivor, he outwitted eleven castaways before being voted off during the finale. As he explains, on the show and in life, sometimes the biggest enemy is truly within. Drawing on cutting-edge research and contemporary examples, Kenniff shows anyone how to outsmart their subversive subconscious; the internal enemy that resists change, and fools us into making big blunders. Discovering the psychological underpinnings of self-sabotage and how it appears in everyday life, Kenniff explains, is key to breaking the cycle of self-defeat. By revealing the top *effing mistakes people make in health, love, money and career, and providing solutions, Kenniff gives readers the tools to get out of their own way. Overcoming self-sabotage is not a passive process. Positive actions are the most effective way to rewrite the self-sabotage script and Kenniff will show anyone how to begin. They'll discover: Self-evaluations and quizzes that define types of self-sabotage Real-world strategies to change behavior in every area of their lives Sidebars that illustrate sabotage patterns and real-life stories that put them into context Helpful websites and additional resources to turn to for further information

Publisher Health Communications, Inc.
Release Date
ISBN 0757314694
Pages 290 pages
Rating 4/5 (98 users)

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