Numb? Workbook & Journal

Numb? Workbook & Journal

The right book at the right time, The interactive workbook and journal version of Numb?, lays out the four steps to successfully transitioning and changing your life into your ideal future. Are you ready to take notes and kickstart your life while never looking back? In this interactive workbook and journal, you'll be coached through Numb?'s 4-stage step back process. Within its pages, you will find all the step back reflections and the worksheets from Numb?, the book. This workbook and journal is reserved for you to get messy and write all of your thoughts down, as not all of us like to write in a crisp and clean book. By using the interactive workbook and journal version of Numb?, you will begin to create a more meaningful and happy life. This interactive workbook and journal is designed to help you: Identifying sources of trouble and moments of joy. Creating the vision and initial path to your ideal life. Applying the same concepts to kickstart your ideal business and even your business transition plan. It is time to Reawaken and live your true self. A true self that you never gave yourself the time or permission to explore and discover before. Please remember this COMPANION WORKBOOK & JOURNAL is designed to be used in conjunction with the Numb? Book.

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ISBN 9781777407612
Pages 194 pages
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