How to Date Yourself and Fall in Love

How to Date Yourself and Fall in Love

THE CORNER provides an historical record of the life style of young men in what could be considered a typical neighborhood prior to and during the WW II period in America. Toledo, Ohio is the setting of this documentary. The specific scene is the corner of Junction Avenue and Lucas Street, located in a solid Polish/American neighborhood. The story could be written of many other neighborhoods and ethnic and racial groups throughout the United States. It just so happens that the writer was a member of this particular group and neighborhood. Dramatic changes have taken place since the time period addressed in THE CORNER. WW II impacted the way of life of all Americans. Ethnic and racial neighborhoods and groups are still located throughout the country but on a far less scale. Nicknames, a sign of popularity in most cases or of a special trait of the individual, are not as common in today's society. New and interesting developments have impacted the old meetings places and methods of communication amongst the young men throughout America. Television; new and interesting hobbies; and diverse civic, religious, and other group organizations that provide meeting places and many other features that make for a more effective life style of American youth have replaced the "old" but unforgetable meetings on the local "corners". Unfortunately a part of American culture and history are lost for the ages. THE CORNER captures a capsule of a part of American life during an era that has literally disappeared from the the American scene.

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ISBN 1403346615
Pages 138 pages
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