Fast But Not Too Furious

Fast But Not Too Furious

While this guide to riding your motorcycle faster, smoother and safer is aimed at the road rider, it does compare different aspects of road and track. As an avid motorcyclist the author (Neil Scarlett) has attended various practical riding courses as well as riding thousands of miles throughout the UK and Europe through all seasons. He has experienced riding a speedway track, off roading and various track based courses as well as track days and vintage race meetings. In addition Neil has attended several road riding courses based upon the Police system of riding. He did not set out to write a book but it simply evolved from notes that were made on the return from each ride or track session. Quotes from the introduction read - "One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received was to turn yourself into your own riding coach by making notes after each ride". "Please do not think that I am setting myself up as some sort of riding guru, I am simply aiming to condense much of what I have learned in the hope that it will be of interest/use to others".

Publisher CreateSpace
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ISBN 9781495366031
Pages 96 pages
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