Don't Let Her Lead

Don't Let Her Lead

Relationships are supposed to be amazing. Every day should be filled with passion, love, connection, humor, and conflict-free enjoyment of each other. Imagine a relationship where you are always attracted to your woman, and she is always attracted to you. You both love spending time with each other. You never have conflicts or arguments and everything works smoothly. Your woman never burdens you, and everything you do for her feels like a joy. You are free to do whatever you want, but what you want is to become the best man you can for her and make her as happy as possible. I am not talking about the first few months of a relationship. This is a dynamic that is not only sustainable, but it actually gets better the longer you stay together. I'm experiencing such a relationship right now, and many of my male clients are seeing the same results as they do their own work. And it is possible for you to experience this with your woman too. But only if you don't let her lead.

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Pages 86 pages
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